Sync with Stripe #

Visit this article to learn more about setting up online payments with Stripe.

Add Financial Accounts #

This article explains how to add Finacial Accounts.

Add Financial Items #

Create a Financial Item like "Spring Trip Payment" or "Instrument Use Fee" that you can later assign to members in the organization.

Add Financial Fees #

Create a Financial Fee by assigning a Financial Item to a member of your organization.

Add Payments #

You can manually enter payments for any member that has paid by cash, check, credit card, or other means.

Add Credits #

Credits are created when a member pays more than owed for assigned Fees.

Apply Credits #

Use a member's credits to reduce the amount owed for fees.

Financial Overview Page #

The Financial Overview provides a quick way to see the financial health of your organization at a glance.

Make Online Payment as a Parent #

Parents can make online payments using Presto's Stripe integration directly in the app.

Refund a Payment #

If a member needs a refund, you can handle that directly in Presto.

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