Who is this for? #

  • A district fine arts administrator who wants to use a modern, easy-to-use tool to organize their district's inventory and manage fine arts organizations.
  • Or a director at a small school or college/university who doesn't have a fine arts administrator.


All Presto Assistant organizations must belong to a District which helps manage data across all Presto Assistant organization types in a district — Band, Choir, Dance, Guitar, Mariachi, Orchestra, and Theater.

Detailed steps #

  1. Create your Presto user profile from the signup page (link). Choose the Administrator option.

Sign up page highlighting the Administrator option.

Choose the Administrator option

Choose the Administrator role on the next page.

Sign up page highlighting the Administrator role.

Choose the Administrator role
  1. Add your email address, a strong password, and read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.
    • You will use the email address provided in this step to sign in to Presto.
    • Make sure you see Administrator at the top of the form (highlighted in green in the image below).

Sign up form highlighting the Administrator role at the top and the submit button at the bottom.

Create your Presto user profile

Confirmation dialog highlighting the submit button.

Press the submit button in the confirmation dialog
  1. Verify your email by clicking the “magic link” we sent to the email address you provided. This link expires after 48 hours, and it's only good for use ONE TIME. Safety first!

Message says to go check email to verify the email address works.

Check for a Presto email at the address you provided

Verification email content with arrow pointing at the button labeled Verify and Continue.

Press the "Verify and Continue" button in the email

Loading page opened in default browser tab.

A tab will open in your default browser and continue verifying the email

Happy Cat image for a verified email.

Happy Cat means your email is verified!

Sad Cat image for if the link didn't work.

Sad Cat means something didn't work. Click the button to get a new link emailed to you.
  1. Provide information about your district.

District form highlighting the submit button.

Complete District information and press the purple button
  1. Review information about including Presto Assistant in your district's Technology Acceptable Use Policy. This document is also available to download later in the Settings page in your Admin view.

Acceptable Use Policy page with text instructions to continue scrolling to the bottom of the page.

Scroll as you read the Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptable Use Policy page with arrow pointing to the checkbox and the submit button highlighted.

At the bottom of the form, check the box and press the button
  1. Complete the Profile Info and Contact Info forms.

Profile Info form with the submit button highlighted.

Complete the Profile Info form and press the submit button

Contact Info form with the submit button highlighted.

Complete the Contact Info form and press the submit button
  1. You are all set up and ready to go!

Final screen of Onboarding steps with the Continue button highlighted.

Press Continue to start using Presto Assistant!

District Admin view of the Presto Assistant dashboard.

Welcome to your Dashboard. Go explore!

Next steps #

  • Go to Settings (link) and invite any District Assistants from your Fine Arts office. These individuals will have the same Presto Assistant access as the District Administrator.
  • Head to the Organizations page (link) to invite the directors of organizations in your district to set up their Presto Assistant organization.
  • Import Inventory, Library, and Uniform data in those areas of the Presto Assistant app using our handy templates.
  • Get in touch with support@presto-assistant.com with any questions you might have!

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