Who is this for? #

Any director who needs to remove an active director, parent, or student from the organization.

Prerequisites #

  • To remove a member, you must have both the "edit" and "delete" permissions for Users. If you don't have these permissions, talk to a District Admin or District Assistant in your Presto Assistant district.

Detailed steps #

  1. Navigate to the details page for the director, parent, or student you want to remove.

  2. Press the Edit button in the upper right corner of the page.

Member details page highlighting the edit button.

Press the "Edit" button
  1. Scroll to the bottom, finding the "Danger Zone", and press the "Remove Member" button.

Member danger zone with Remove Members button highlighted.

In the Danger Zone, press the Remove Member button.
  1. In the confirmation dialog that appears, verify that you want to remove the member. Press the "Yes, Remove" button to proceed.

Confirmation dialog to remove a member highlighting the submit button.

Verify the information and press the purple Remove button

Next steps #

  • Any member you remove will be visible in the Inactive Members table.
  • If you need to restore a member to active status, see the View Inactive Members support article.

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