Who is this for? #

A student or parent who was asked by your director to join the Presto Assistant organization using an Organization Code.


Most students and parents join a Presto Assistant organization by email invitation directly from a director. If you received a Welcome Email with a Member Claim Code like "abc123", visit this article instead.

Detailed steps #

  1. From the Presto signup page (link), choose the correct role of either Parent or Student.
    • These examples all show the sign-up flow for a Student, but signing up with a Parent profile follows the same path.

Sign up page highlighting Student option.

Choose either Parent or Student
  1. Add your email address, a strong password, and read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. If everything looks correct, then press the submit button and again in the confirmation dialog.
    • You will use the email address provided in this step to sign in to Presto.
    • Make sure you see Parent or Student at the top of the form (highlighted in green in the image below).

Sign up form highlighting the Director role at the top and the submit button at the bottom.

Create your Presto user profile

Confirmation dialog highlighting the submit button.

Press the submit button in the confirmation dialog
  1. In the Member Info step:
    • Press the outlined + Organization Code button

Member Info page highlighting the button that reads Organization Code.

Press the Organization Code button

Enter the Organization Code that your director gave you along with your contact information

Organization Code form with completed info fields and submit button highlighted.

Add the Organization Code along with your profile information
  1. Your membership status in the organization is "pending" until a director approves it.

Confirmation dialog with text explaining that the member has a pending status.

Your status in the organization is pending until a director approves

Member Info page highlighting the list of pending organization memberships.

All pending memberships are listed at the top of the Member Info page
  • When the director approves your membership, you can continue to set up your user profile by clicking on the list item with the organization name at the top of the Member Info area.

Member Info page highlighting a list item of an approved organization membership.

Once approved, press the list item with the organization name to continue
  1. Verify your email by clicking the “magic link” we sent to the email address you provided. This link expires after 48 hours, and it's only good for use ONE TIME. Safety first!

Message says to go check email to verify the email address works.

Check for a Presto email at the address you provided

Verification email content with arrow pointing at the button labeled Verify and Continue.

Press the "Verify and Continue" button in the email

Loading page opened in default browser tab.

A tab will open in your default browser and continue verifying the email

Happy Cat image for a verified email.

Happy Cat means your email is verified!

Sad Cat image for if the link didn't work.

Sad Cat means something didn't work. Click the button to get a new link emailed to you.
  1. Complete your user profile and contact information. The gender and date of birth fields are optional for adults.
    • Note: Parents might not see the "Profile Info" step.

Profile Info form with the submit button highlighted.

Complete the Profile Info form and press the submit button

Contact Info form with the submit button highlighted.

Fill out contact information, then press the button
  1. All done! Press the Continue button to go to the student or parent dashboard.

Final screen of Onboarding steps with the Continue button highlighted.

Press Continue to start using Presto Assistant!

Troubleshooting #

  • If you see a dialog in the Presto Assistant web app that your request to join an organization is pending, don't try to join again. Please ask your director to approve your membership in the organization.

Member info page with pending membership list. The organization list item is highlighted.

Click on the organization name to check your membership status

Confirmation dialog with text explaining that the member has a pending status.

Ask your director to checking their pending membership requests
  • After a director approves your membership in the program, you still are not allowed to sign in until the director officially sends out a Welcome Email.
  • If you are a student joining during class, ask your director to refresh their Presto Assistant web page so they can see new pending requests.
  • If you try to press the "Organization" menu item on the Member Info step before receiving the Welcome Email, you'll see an error message appear in the top right part of the screen. Don't try to join the organization again. Contact your director to ask about the Welcome Email.

Error message at the top of the screen tells the user that a director needs to send them a Welcome Email.

Ask your director to checking their pending membership requests

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