Who is this for? #

Any Presto Assistant user — student, parent, director, or administrator — who cannot remember their credentials to sign in.

Why is this needed? #

  • All "usernames" in Presto Assistant are an email address.
  • Most users have a single email address that they use to sign in and switch between organizations.
  • The Presto Assistant staff has no way to decode any user's password. All users have to reset their own password.

Detailed steps #

  1. From the login screen, press the "Forgot password?" link.

Login page highlight the Forgot Password link.

Press the "Forgot Password" link from the login page
  1. Enter the email address you use to sign in to your Presto Assistant account and press the "Submit" button.

Recover password dialog highlight the submit button.

Enter your email address and press the purple button

Paper airplane.

The email is on its way!
  1. Check your email for a password reset email. The subject will be "Password Reset Instructions for Presto Assistant", and the sender is no-reply@presto-assistant.com. Click on the purple "Reset Password" button.

Reset password email highlight the purple button that reads "Reset Password".

Check the inbox and spam folders for an email from Presto Assistant
  1. On the Reset Password form, create a new password that follows our strong password rules. Press the purple "Update Password" button when you are ready.
    • Remember that more complicated passwords are best! Team Presto recommends a great app like 1Password to store all of your complicated, unique passwords.

Reset password form highlight the "Update Password" button.

Create a strong password and press the Update Password button
  1. If you see an error that reads "You may not reuse your current password", then you have remembered your password! 🎉 You can press the "Login" link near the bottom of the page to sign in.

Reset password form with an error that reads "You may not reuse your current password". The link to the login page is highlighted.

If you accidentally re-used the same password, you have remembered your password. You can sign in with your current password.
  1. When you create a new password successfully, you'll be automatically signed in to Presto Assistant. If you are a member of more than one organization, use the Profile menu in the upper right corner to switch between organizations.

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