Who is this for? #

A director or district administrator who wants to make sure all students and staff can access Presto Assistant and receive important emails.

Quick steps #

Many school districts have robust filters to prevent unwanted traffic or spam email communication with faculty and students. You might see blocked emails on the Suppressed Emails page (updated nightly) or hear about them from your parents and students. Please provide the following information to your school district's IT department to help restore access to Presto and our email service:

  1. Allow traffic from the following addresses that serve up Presto Assistant website data:
    • https://presto-api-prod.herokuapp.com/
    • *.presto-assistant.com/
  2. Allow emails through from the following Presto Assistant email addresses:
    • no-reply@presto-assistant.com
    • info@presto-assistant.com
    • support@presto-assistant.com
    • em4134.presto-assistant.com
  3. Allow emails from this dedicated IP address for the Presto Assistant email service provider:

Next steps #

  • If you worked through the above steps and your faculty and staff are still experiencing issues accessing Presto Assistant or receiving email via Presto Assistant, reach out to us via email. Our team can work with your IT technicians to help resolve the issue.

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