Detailed steps #

  1. From the left navigation menu click "Groups".

Dashboard with arrow pointing at Groups item in left navigation menu.

Click the Groups item from the left navigation menu
  1. Press the "+ Group" button to see the form to add a new group.

Groups table with arrow pointing to the Add button.

Click the Add Group button
  1. Enter the name of the group (required).

Group form with the input field for Group Name highlighted.

Enter the name of the group
  1. Add members to the group (optional).
  • Press the "Select Members" button

Group form with the Select Members button highlighted.

Press the "Select Members" button
  • Select members to add to the group

People picker dialog is shown.

Use the People Picker to add members to the group
  • Confirm the number of members is correct

Group form with the current selected number of members highlighted.

Confirm the number of members
  • Optional: click the "View/Update Members" link to change the members

Group form with the View/Update Members area highlighted.

Optionally, view or update members of the group
  1. Press the purple "Add Group" button to finish.

Group form with the Add to Group button highlighted.

Press the "Add Group" button to finish

The new group will immediately be available in the Groups table as well as any table that provides a filter for "Group".

Groups table with recently-added group highlighted.

The new group appears in the Groups table

Table filter for Group is highlighted, pointing the the new group.

The new group is available in the other tables, filter by Group
Examples of groups in the Presto Assistant system
  • First Period
  • Second Period
  • Spring Trip
  • Booster Officers
  • All-Region
  • All-State

Next steps #

  • Use the Groups table selection checkboxes to send an email to an entire group.
  • In any place where you can select members from the People Picker, filter by group to select your members faster.


Since you can add any student, parent, or director to a group, you can make any combination you need. This will be a big time-saver if you are doing the same actions for a consistent group of members.

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