Who is this for? #

An Assistant Director or staff member who was invited to a Presto Assistant organization by another director.

Detailed steps #

  1. In the Welcome Email, press the "Get Started" button.

Welcome email highlighting the Get Started button.

Press the Get Started button in the Welcome Email
  1. On the "Create Your User Profile" form, add your email address, a strong password, and read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. If everything looks correct, then press the submit button and again in the confirmation dialog.
    • You will use the email address provided in this step to sign in to Presto.
    • Make sure you see Assistant Director at the top of the form (highlighted in green in the image below).

User profile form highlighting the Assistant Director role at the top and the submit button at the bottom.

Create your Presto user profile

Confirmation dialog highlighting the submit button.

Press the submit button in the confirmation dialog
  1. In the Member Info step:
    • Press the purple + Member Claim Code button
    • Enter the Member Claim Code from the Welcome Email and your email address
    • Confirm the data is correct and press the "Yes, Claim" button

Member Info page highlighting the button that reads Member Claim Code.

Press the Member Claim Code button

Member Claim Code form with completed info fields and submit button highlighted.

Add the Member Claim Code from the Welcome Email and your email address

Member Claim Code form confirmation dialog with submit button highlighted.

Confirm that the data is correct and press the "Yes, Claim" button
  1. Complete the Contact Info form.

Completed Contact Info page with submit button highlighted.

Fill out contact information, then press the Update Contact button
  1. Review information about including Presto Assistant in your district's Technology Acceptable Use Policy. This document is also available to download later in the Settings page in your Director view.

Acceptable Use Policy page with text instructions to continue scrolling to the bottom of the page.

Scroll as you read the Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptable Use Policy page with arrow pointing to the checkbox and the submit button highlighted.

At the bottom of the form, check the box and press the button
  1. All done! Press the Continue button to go to the director dashboard.

Final screen of Onboarding steps with the Continue button highlighted.

Press Continue to start using Presto Assistant!

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